Designing with you in mind.

For two decades, Darling Homes has been building custom new homes in communities across Dallas and Houston. At Darling Homes we take great pride in turning dreams into reality for our clients.  Our artisan craftsmen build finely crafted homes that combine custom details, design options and flexible amenities.  Darling Homes has studied the market carefully – combining its 25+ years of experience with research on different lifestyles to understand what their target audience looks for in a home and a neighborhood. From this research, high-level, architecturally pleasing and proven plans, inspired by designs from around the world have been developed to provide the homebuyer with various home styles from which to choose.

Learn about the different Home Styles Darling Homes builds

American Classic
The American Classic home melds simple design with handcrafted artistry.  From gabled roofs to spacious front porches with decorative beams, the style became popular in the 1870s and 1880s; at its heart was a return to simplicity, quiet beauty and honesty of construction.  A generation of architects, artists and craftsmen were inspired by the ideals, tradition, sleek and timeless style and function to create an architecture of freedom and originality.

French Eclectic
Designed after the formality of the French Country, this home style typifies elegance inside and out.  From their tall, steeply pitched roof lines often designed of brick, stone or stucco walls, the French Eclectic style originating from the 1920s – early 1930s, the French style replicates the larger, formal homes that dot the French countryside.  

Known for its red tiled, low-pitched roof, arches and stucco facade, this style gains its influence from a potpourri of countries that surround the Mediterranean Sea.  Italian and Greek styles are major contributors to the design of the classic Mediterranean style home, though it also takes some style concepts from Spain.

Colonial Revival
From 1920 until mid-century, this architectural style with its spacious entry porches and decorative crown molding was the most popular home style in the US. With its elegant lines, symmetrical balanced windows and door and traditional form, it continues to be one of America’s favorite house styles.  Its popularity stems from its traditional American roots and the flexibility of style.

English Tudor
An outgrowth of the Queen Anne style favored for its storybook charm and design versatility, the Tudor style was popular in many areas of the US from 1915 to approximately 1940. From their prominent cross gables, steeply pitched roof and their tall, narrow windows, this style and its cousin—the English Cottage—continues to be extremely popular and still influences contemporary American architecture.