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A Legacy
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Designing Homes with You in Mind for Three Decades

In 1987, we set out to build a company that at its core would be focused on creating distinctive homes built within exceptional communities with the best materials while providing a superior customer experience. These are the qualities that are woven into the fabric of Darling Homes and will stand the test of time. Above all, our home designs are created to be as unique as the families that live there. Continuing this legacy is our promise to our homebuyers.

Today, we continue to deliver our unwavering commitment to partner with you on your journey as you build the home of your dreams – a Darling home. Your private escape where family time and privacy are equally important. Inspired spaces with natural beauty, customized hues, hand-placed materials, exceptional elements – each space built out of the very details that make it completely your own.

Bill Darling


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Explore the Art of Living

Open the doors and step inside a home that offers more than you ever imagined possible. Discover all the subtleties that make each Darling home not only personal, but inviting and livable as well.

Higher roof pitches, intimate volume, terminating views and thoughtful transitions are just a few of the things you will see when you find yourself in a Darling home. Take a moment to see how a Darling home opens up to you at every turn.

  • Mud Lockers

    Mud Lockers that are not just for show, located in parts of the home where homebuyers can use on a daily basis and are not worried that their daily “drop” of bags and sports equipment are in the view of guests.

  • Thoughtful Transitions

    Having gracious transition spaces are synonymous with luxury. We do not feel the need to fill every bit of square footage with a room count.

  • Private Studies

    Home Studies are meant to be a place that Darling homeowners can use as a workable home office. When these spaces are right off the entry of the home they end up being more of a showplace instead of a workable space.

  • Terminating Views

    Our terminating views are not an accident. We take into account where your eye takes you, whether it's down a hallway of arches or through a window. Allowing for artwork to be located in a place of importance was not a coincidence. Instead of just walking into the room you have a space for a piece of art.

  • Lasting Impressions

    As you travel through a family room or down a hallway in a Darling Home, the rooms unfold, revealing a story of grace and comfort. In your heart, you know you’ve found Home.

  • Intimate Volume

    Darling Homes creates volume where it still has meaning and an intimacy to it. This is done by pairing voluminous ceiling heights with lower ceiling heights to counteract the sound and feel of just having “volume”.

  • Private Outdoor Living

    An outdoor living space that lives beyond your front door is the ultimate in luxury. To be able to have the privacy and piece of mind of an outdoor sanctuary if one of many ways we are improving the lifestyle of our homebuyers.

  • Expansive Archways

    We incorporate breathtaking archways to open up the space and bring added depth into the design of a home.

  • Rounded Wall Details

    Smooth, rounded edges tie together the impressive visuals of each home that can be seen around every corner.

  • Private Master Retreat

    Designing a private entrance into the Master Retreat allows for a level of privacy that other homebuilders do not plan for or value. This is an example of taking into consideration the lives that are effected by the homes we build.

  • Smooth Stucco

    No matter the product series, we ensure that our stucco is smooth. Many home builders use a thicker stucco with more texture, this is an easy way to hide imperfections.

  • Casitas

    Our Casitas are a distinct design layout that we add to many of our home designs. This is a room with a complete bath that is enclosed inside the entry door but still separate from the rest of the home. The great thing about this space is it is all about you, and how you use it; Home Office, Guest Room, etc…

  • High Roof Pitches

    Part of our commitment to our architectural authenticity is keeping our roof pitch consistent with the style of the home. That is why you will see varying roof pitches for each home design. Higher roof pitches traditionally have been viewed as more aesthetically pleasing and more majestic.

  • Streetscape

    When a streetscape features a unique blend of architectural styles you end up with an authentic community that feels welcoming. Pair that with color palette that speaks to the style of home and a focus on landscaping and you have the Darling Streetscape.

  • Community Color Palette

    Our community color palette establishes a vision and Streetscape that ensures our new homes maintain their appeal and value for years to come.

  • Kitchen Work Triangle

    Being efficient in your kitchen is important to the design of Darling Homes kitchens. We utilize the Kitchen work triangle to design and ensure our kitchens are not just beautiful but work for you.

  • Ceiling Beams

    Distinctive ceiling details throughout the home create a sense of contrast and perspective, exemplifying Darling’s unique approach to design.

  • Flexible Room Design

    Our plans often have spaces that either can be designed to fit our buyers needs or are flexible in their design and be used to fit our buyers lifestyle.


Uniquely You

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You. The Most Important Detail

At Darling Homes, we see a home as a truly personal expression of your life. We take the time to personalize your dream home in a way that fits your unique lifestyle now and for years to come.

From exclusive collections of incredible home designs developed by our in-house architecture team to our professionally curated Design Gallery, we have the quality materials and designers to guide through every step. Gorgeous streetscapes, authentic architecture, designer materials and impressive color palettes – each home is made to exceed your expectations. Make your dream home the story of you.



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A Better Lifestyle Awaits

We never compromise on quality. We carefully select communities we know will flourish and grow with you. Each neighborhood has its own character and sense of style coupled with access to great schools, transportation, recreation, entertainment as well as wide variety of shops, restaurants and major thoroughfares.

Listening to what our homebuyers want, we are able to design around their needs and the lifestyles of the people who live in our communities. The best each city has to offer – all within reach from a Darling home.

Dallas, Texas

Dallas, Texas

For those who crave an
extraordinary living experience

Houston, Texas

Houston, Texas

For those seeking lively,
urban living and adventure

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“It’s important to us that it feels like home to you.”

Bill Darling